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The All-New Actros and Arocs are equiped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest condition.
3 years or 450,000km - prevents from damage, this powertrain warranty comes as standard With the All-New Actros and Arocs.
The engines of the All-New Actros and Arocs are designed for low optimized fuel consumption, maximum longevity and optimal performance.
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The most reliable and efficient truck we have ever built.  
Particularly low total costs of ownership thanks to lower fuel consumption and a range of customer services tailored specifically to your needs.
Trucks which have been built to always deliver top performance even in the most extreme conditions – with the reliability you rightly expect from a Mercedes-Benz.
 The All-New Actros and Arcos set new benchmarks, cutting fuel consumption significantly. This is made possible first and foremost by the optimized powertrain incorporating economical engines and transmissions as well as the well-honed aerodynamics. 

Low on fuel, high on efficiency: With significant fuel savings, the Actros with its new 6-cylinder in-line engines is a particularly economical proposition. 

Concealed beneath the cabs are heavy-duty 6-cylinder in-line engines with a displacement of 12.8 (Euro III engines). 

The All-New Actros and Arocs both come with Mercedes PowerShift 3 as standard. The superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption: the automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and optimal economy. Various driving programs provide a convincing shifting strategy appropriate to the driving situations and the load carried at the time. Each driving program consists of three transmission modes: standard, manual and the specific mode selected with the driving program.

With its automated and intelligent shifting, Mercedes PowerShift3 protects the powertrain, significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs and thus contributing to the profitability of your business.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros  is the truck model with the lowest number of failures - "immobility cases".

The All-New

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Convenient  Service Contracts For Actros 6X4 3340/41 S

Benefit now from our special service contract for your 3-7 year old Actros 6X4 3340 S and 3341 S trucks, (with maximum 500,000 KM),   The contract covers your trucks for:
• Mercedes-Benz Genuine spare parts
• Recommended fluids
• Labor Work
• Preventive maintenance
• Wear & tear replacement
• Post-warranty repairs

  We Deliver Services That Make Our Customers More Successful  

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Actros 2042 S 39 Safety

Actros  2042 LS 39

Actros 2042 LS 39 Safety

Actros 3342 S 36

Arcos 3342 -45

Arocs 3342 K39

Arocs 4542 B51

Actros 2042 S 39 

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At Mercedes Benz, we believe in driving value to you and your business at all times. Now you can benefit from suitable service contracts designed to protect your trucks. The classic range of services include

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Wear & Tear and repairs on powertrain
  • Chassis components

Complete peace of mind 

Actros 4X2

buy peace-of-mind for your used Actros (4x2) Tractor heads, with the “Complete” maintenance package, which serves as both a service package and an extended warranty for 2 years (or 300 000 km) from the day you buy the package.
• Mercedes-Benz Genuine spare parts
• Recommended fluids
• Labor Work
• Preventive maintenance
• Wear & tear replacement
• Post-warranty repairs

Special Service Actros 4x2